How To Get Rid Of A Cold Overnight Without Medicine

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Overnight Without Medicine
At the first cough or sneeze, follow these steps and in a few hours you will avoid spending your days in bed, the annoying headaches, the unbearable nasal and pectoral congestion and the coughs from beyond the grave that prevent you from falling asleep.
We are in a time of colds. The germs roam freely through the environment and pass from one hand to another – and from there to the mouths of their owners – in a matter of seconds. But calm down, you do not have to flee from anyone you see as a plague of the plague: following this simple plan developed by health professionals can end with a cold in just one day and without having to take any medication.
07.30 am Take a hot shower. You wake up stunned and exhausted by the coughs of the night. Do not slump on the bed or make a ball in the comforter. The best thing you can do is take a hot shower first thing in the morning so that the vapors of the water cope with the congestion. The moisture and moisture help to loosen the mucus and clear the chest so you can breathe better.
08.00 am No toast or coffee: eat eggs and tea with honey. The egg is a protein rich food – a unit of about 60 grams contains about 7.5 grams of protein, about 10% of daily needs for an adult – which also contains all the essential amino acids that our body needs to fight infections like those derived from a cold or flu.
If you also substitute coffee with milk – dairy products, with the exception of yogurt that contains probiotics, can thicken the phlegm and worsen congestion – for a cup of tea with honey, relieve discomfort in the throat and dilute mucus much more effectively .14.00 pm Eat chickpea salad and pumpkin seeds. Both ingredients are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, in addition to good sources of zinc and nutrients that help the body fight against infections.
Different studies assure that taking zinc during the 24 hours after having caught a common cold cuts the duration and intensity of it. That you do not like the menu? Do not worry you have to choose: there are other foods rich in zinc such as lamb meat, veal liver, oysters, dark chocolate or peanuts, which can also form your anti-flu menu.
16.00 pm Fill your water bottle. To put an hour, because when you have a cold it is important that you stay hydrated all day. This helps your body to eliminate the accumulated mucus in the nose and throat and, in case of having a fever, you will fight the dehydration derived from the liquids that evaporate from the body.
18.30 pm Take a walk. You feel tired and lethargic, but staying on the couch will not be the solution.With a 20 minute walk, you will increase your energy and stimulate your breathing by opening the nasal passages. Not only that, according to research published in the magazine ‘Gut’ , a little moderate exercise increases the amount of intestinal bacterial flora, which helps protect and strengthen the immune system.
9:00 pm Dinner chicken soup . Or something hot. The idea is simply to end the inflammation of the body, relax the throat, warm up and take advantage of the vapors of the soup to decongestant and dilute the mucus stored during the day.
21.30 pm Clear nose and throat . Before you go to bed it is important that you do mist and gargle to drain throat, nose and chest of mucus and kill bacteria. Remember that if you go to bed at the peak of congestion you will have more chances that the mucus will end up becoming a more severe infection.
22.00 pm Lie down and rest. According to a study published in the journal ‘Sleep’ , to end the cold the body needs at least seven hours of sleep.
However, it is normal to be congested and half feverish costs us more sleep. It is best to raise our position slightly by putting an extra pillow underneath so that the nostrils are released and the mucus-can be diluted without problems.

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