How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

How To Quickly Eliminate Nasal Congestion

According to the cause of nasal congestion, we must start looking for the appropriate way to combat it and completely eliminate the symptom. Thanks to an acupressure technique we will be able to relieve nasal congestion in just one minute.
Nasal congestion is a discomfort that causes great discomfort and is characterized by the feeling that air does not circulate through one or both nostrils and, therefore, hinders breathing. It is triggered by various factors and, in general, indicates presence of germs or allergy to some element.
In short, nasal congestion occurs when the mucous membranes inside the nose become inflamed. However, in conjunction with other symptoms, such as headache, tingling in the nose, among others, can be so uncomfortable that many prevent them from performing their daily activities normally.

Main causes of nasal congestion

1. Common cold

The common cold is one of the main causes of nasal congestion in most cases. When we suffer from colds we begin to feel irritation in the nose and it is common that there are sneezes in 5 minutes lapses.

2. Allergies

Many people have different types of allergies that often cause nasal congestion. This type of congestion occurs because the lungs try to close, as a method of defense, before the agents they consider dangerous. In this case, we can also take into account sneezing to know if it is an allergy or discomfort.
Some of the most common allergies that cause nasal congestion are: allergy to chalk, cigarette smoke, smog , pollen, dust , moisture, pet hair, among others.

3. Temperature changes

A drastic temperature change can lead from a simple passenger discomfort to a pharyngitis. For example, when the temperature drops suddenly, it can cause the body to feel ‘untidy’ and thereby cause a nasal congestion. Hence, part of the importance of dressing according to weather conditions and taking the necessary precautions.

Why is it important to know the cause?

Knowing the cause of nasal congestion helps to apply the treatment and other measures to alleviate it. As mentioned above, although congestion is not a disease in itself, it is important to pay attention to it;especially, in case it intensifies or persists for more than normal.
In case the cause of nasal congestion becomes minor and does not require continuous and specialized medical attention, certain measures can be taken to relieve it, outside the pharmacological field.
In addition to the vapors, the infusions, a good hydration and rest, there are techniques that allow to get rid of the annoying nasal congestion in very short time lapses. Below we will discuss in more detail one of the options that you can use.
It is important to note that, in no way is it recommended to replace with this method a treatment prescribed by the doctor . Also, in case the cause of the nasal congestion is a pharyngitis, for example, the indications of the doctor should not be dismissed under any circumstance.

How to fight the nasal discharge in a minute?

To relieve nasal congestion, you can resort to the following technique of traditional Chinese medicine whose application, in total, lasts just a minute. And while its scope does not come to be a cure for this symptom, it can reduce discomfort to a minimum.
Acupressure (Shiatsu) is a very effective technique that consists of exerting some pressure, with the fingertip of the thumb and forefinger, in strategic points of the body, during a determined time. It is pressed and then the point is released several times.

To relieve nasal congestion, pressure should be placed on:

  • Lobe of the ear: press gently and then massage. This action must be repeated a total of 10 times (1 per second).
  • Behind the lobe of the ear, in the lower part , under the cartilage: press and release 10 times, without pressing directly on the cartilage.
  • Above the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows: make a slight pressure for one minute. This point is ideal to prevent the para-nasal sinuses from drying out and becoming inflamed.
  • Under the cheeks , directly below the pupil of the eye: in this area of ​​the face is pressed up and released. Helps free the sinuses to fight congestion.
  • Bottom of the nostrils: placing the fingertips at this point is gently pushed with a rotating motion, and repeated 10 times.
Since it is very pleasant, many people choose to have a time lapse of 2 to 5 minutes to perform their ‘session’ of acupressure. In this sense, as long as it is executed in the appropriate manner, time does not come to be any inconvenience. You can allow yourself to enjoy with tranquility, especially if you have discomfort.

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